The Party’s Not Over Until Dessert Is Served

End your event on a sweet note

What’s one way to make your event more memorable? Make sure your desserts are out-of-this-world delicious. Sugar- Happy. Bakes offers party desserts that will satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes.

Tell us about the type of party you’re planning. We’ll help you figure out which dessert would match the tone of the event. Our desserts are customizable so people on diets and those with taste preferences can find something special to nosh on.

Call now to make sure you get the desserts you want in time for your party.

Get fancy with your desserts

Everyone appreciates a dessert that’s well-made and delicious. You can trust us to personalize your desserts to fit your event. We can create:

  • Espresso panna cottas
  • Banana puddings
  • Personal party pies

If you don’t see the dessert you want described here, don’t worry – our baking skills know no bounds. Call us right away at 325-370-2859 to find out if we can make your perfect dessert.