Don’t Settle for Ordinary Cookies

Impress your guests with custom cookie creations

The right cookies can make or break the dessert table. You can bet that your guests will be able to tell the difference between homemade and store-bought cookies. Make sure your guests leave wanting more by ordering cookies from Sugar- Happy. Bakes.

We’re known for our outrageously decadent chocolate chip cookies. Our melt-in-your-mouth creations are so heavenly, only a grunt of pleasure is capable of describing them. Your cookies will be made fresh in our kitchen. We can create cookies in different sizes, from huge to standard and mini.

Call us now to arrange a delightful cookie experience for your guests.

Power up your cookie game

Our cookies are completely customizable. You can trust us to take common cookie recipes and adjust them to your personal preferences. We can even accommodate guests on a gluten-free diet. Our cookie creations include:

  • White chocolate snickerdoodles
  • Black moons
  • Teacakes
  • Supreme double chocolate brownies
  • Sugar saucers
  • Thumbprints

You haven’t tasted a real cookie until you’ve tried one of ours. We require a minimum order of two dozen cookies.

Get in touch with our dessert caterer today to place your cookie order.